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Our mission is to simplify access to professional cyber defenses without a huge price tag.

In fact, thanks to your business partners, your cost is $0 for the first year of access to DetectBee. 

Adequate third-party cyber insurance coverage is a requirement of doing business with your customer. As a part of the DetectBee service, we will need to verify that your company is in compliance and that the coverage terms are correct. 

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DetectBee helps by giving your company access to this knowledge so you can take defensive action before the bad guys show up. This will help your company save the expense and hassle of a cybersecurity incident and keep your customer safe.

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This information will be shared with your customer and will only be used to invite you to the application. 


Information about your vulnerabilities will only ever be shared in a generic summary format in order to safeguard your company’s privacy.  


Questions? See our FAQ. Or, contact us

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