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Cover 100% of Suppliers. Eliminate coverage gaps.

Intelligence capabilities at the supplier level are a basic requirement for increasing resilience. Until now, affordable tools were not available.

We help suppliers help themselves at no cost to you.

DetectBee is Cybersecurity Risk Management that your Suppliers can afford.

DetectBee in 60 seconds...
“56% of organizations have had a breach that was caused by one of their vendors”

Cybersecurity is a team sport that requires your suppliers to participate in good practices. DetectBee helps establish a baseline for expectations and drives accountability. Best of all, your suppliers can afford the DetectBee solution.

Collaboration and simplicity drive our solution.

Cybersecurity often feels overwhelming to suppliers. DetectBee makes cybersecurity easier to understand and allows suppliers to adopt good practices quickly.

Without full participation from suppliers, the Enterprise remains at risk. DetectBee eliminates the barriers to supplier compliance, like expense and complexity, so the entire hive can be protected.
How does it work?

Well, we’re fundamentally different. DetectBee…

  1. Democratizes cybersecurity: uses collaboration to defend business partners from risks.

  2. Directs vulnerable parties to take action and address risks rather than adding more work for your in-house team.

  3. Scales from tens to tens-of-thousands of suppliers and other partners seamlessly.

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100K+ vendors? No problem!

DetectBee is free to Enterprises and government agencies.*

  • Phishing

  • Business Email Compromise

  • Identity Fraud

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • Data Breaches

* Certain conditions apply

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DetectBee is designed to drive compliance.